Social Media Marketing

SMO Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We at Digital45 Most Preferred SEO Company in Ahmedabad has effective Marketing techniques which play a crucial role in the success of your business. Folks at Digital45 uses advanced technology to get the proven results in existing competitive market. We have left behind obsolete techniques and have adopted few key changes which will bring your Business back on track.

It’s time for you to harness the power of SMO (Social Media Optimization) to promote your business. We at Digital45 use proven strategies that will increase your brand awareness which will include:

  • We will create effective advertising campaign on Facebook
  • We will use premium tools for social activity monitoring
  • Unique and creative graphic designs

Our prices are much affordable than you think, we solve all your doubts and queries to furnish our services the best.


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SMO can come to your rescue

This technique brings huge investments in time and energy. Our specialized team is familiar with ins and out of this Strategy and can come to your rescue in making some important decisions. We have incredible contacts and networks, which ensures we will get the job done more effectively than you can ever imagine.

We deploy:

Competitive analysis

We will research what’s around you! Accordingly we will formulate these strategies to give a tough blow.

Social Media Audit

We will monitor your social media activities and will help creating a roadmap to engage more customers.

We believe in ECOI, didn’t understand?
This is what it means:


This measures your ROI (return on Investment) on your social media optimization


Adding content On regular basis


This measures how engaging your post is by number of votes and likes or ‘+1 likes’


This measures your organic visibility by number of shares and retweets of your posts